Hi, I'm Karen.

I'm a half-Japanese half-Taiwanese girl that takes interest in writing software, digital art, animation, photography, gaming, and watching anime. I also go by あけみ (明美).

My system tweaks for iOS are perhaps what I am most well-known for, which you can find over at my Cydia/APT repository, Karen's Repo.

I'm also an IRC operator (and system administrator) at the StormBit IRC Network - come visit us at irc.akemi.ai!

I'm part of several development teams, some of which are Theos, Cannathea, and Neptune CMS.

I also worked on the unofficial Japanese localisation of Undertale, before Undertale was officially translated to Japanese.

I was part of Team Freerunner a few years ago, where I worked on the fangames Sonic World Runner and Sonic Freerunner.

Have a wonderful day! ٩(✿╹◡╹✿)۶