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Ways to support me

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My cryptocurrency addresses

Bitcoin (BTC) Address: 1Pd9vjJTXBw6dGzWRnpBPMyAMPr9nkD8vr

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Address: bitcoincash:qrcsvs6znw8vjwcyv4kwu8vdeh27ag03g5c9fks3qu

Dogecoin (DOGE) Address: DRxNLHds6rjGHZtxVyhMmifVSYdk223DiD

Ethereum (ETH) Address: 0x308b73878a7a9cfB4a3424176c2Ae507d5A390cA

Please note that the above are the ONLY cryptocurrency addresses that I am accepting donations from at this time.

If you see any other address supposedly belonging to me, please notify me and DO NOT send anything to those addresses.

Other methods (not preferable)

Venmo: @akemin_dayo

I also have a Ko-fi page, but I would prefer you only use that if you absolutely must for some reason, because transactions processed through Ko-fi end up going through PayPal anyway, and even worse, have a processing fee deducted from them and can sometimes even be delayed for up to a month.