What does this tweak fix?

Back when iOS 8 debuted, many people saw a number of iOS apps break in similar ways — they would claim they were unable to write to the device's storage or that the device storage was full.

Examples of affected apps included many EA games (including Mirror's Edge! ;_;), and Square Enix games (notably The World Ends With You).

This was due to poor programming on the app developers' part — they used an incorrect method to access the app's sandbox container directory (where save files/configuration files are stored).

They assumed Apple wouldn't ever change the way third-party app sandboxes work — but Apple did just that in iOS 8.0. All app sandbox data in iOS 8 and above are now located in a completely separate directory from the actual app.

This... "bug" if you can call it that, is what Sandbox Path Fixer fixes. It allows these apps to write to their sandbox directories once again, restoring savegame functionality, or in some cases, the functionality of the entire app.

Okay, great! What apps are affected?

A rather large number of older EA games (such as Mirror's Edge) were affected by this bug, and EA's response was to... actually completely remove them from the App Store. A full list of them can be found here.

And as I mentioned above, Square Enix's "The World Ends With You" is also a known affected app.

...And that's all the ones that I personally know. There might be more.

I see. So how do I use this tweak?

Currently, Sandbox Path Fixer comes with these apps enabled by default:

  • Mirror's Edge US (com.ea.mirrorsedge.inc)
  • Mirror's Edge EU (com.ea.mirrorsedge.bv)
  • Krazy Kart Racing (com.polarbit.KrazyRacers)
  • Super Snake HD (com.yoyogames.supersnakehd)
  • DRAKERIDER Chains Transcendent for iPhone/iPod (com.square-enix.drakerider-Ph-E2)
  • DRAKERIDER Chains Transcendent for iPad (com.square-enix.drakerider-Pa-E2)
  • DRAKERIDER for iPhone/iPod (com.square-enix.drakerider-Ph-E)
  • DRAKERIDER for iPad (com.square-enix.drakerider-Pa-E)
  • 星葬ドラグニル Chains Trascendent iPhone/iPod (com.square-enix.drakerider-Ph-J2)
  • 星葬ドラグニル Chains Trascendent iPad (com.square-enix.drakerider-Pa-J2)
  • 星葬ドラグニル iPhone/iPod (com.square-enix.drakerider-Ph-J)
  • 星葬ドラグニル iPad (com.square-enix.drakerider-Pa-J)
  • Rayman 2: The Great Escape (com.gameloft.Rayman2)
  • Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D (com.vgmobile.cnk2)

If you think you have an app that is affected by this bug, go to Sandbox Path Fixer's preference pane and enable it for that app. If it works, please report that to me so I can add it as an "enabled by default" app.